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Originally Posted by mnvikingstwins View Post
Here's my random guesses for Rumble order.

1- Dolph Ziggler
2- Daniel Bryan
3- Kofi Kingston
4- Justin Gabriel
5- Big Show
6- R-Truth
7- Cody Rhodes
8- Ryback
9- Zack Ryder
10- Goldust
11- Santino
12- Heath Slater
13- Randy Orton
14- Hunico
15- Jey Uso
16- John Cena
17- Jack Swagger
18- Great Khali
19- Primo
20- Kane
21- Christian
22- Miz
23- Kharma
24- Kane
25- Mick Foley
26- Rey Mysterio
27- RVD
28- Chris Jericho
29- Alberto Del Rio
30- John Laurinaitis

Wow. You actually think the whole #@#@#@#@in show will be there? I haven't hears anything about a contract bein signed. I hope it happens as he's in my "fave five" of all time, but I doubt it'll happen.
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