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Here's my list of entrants:

1. Zack Ryder.
2. Ezekiel Jackson (I want to here his badass theme one last time before he gets "future endeavored!)
3. Wade Barrett
4. CM Punk
5. Justin Gabriel
6. Dean Ambrose
7. Kane
8. Miz
9. Jinder Mahal
10. Sheamus
11. Santino
12. Mick Foley
13. Rey Mysterio
14. Chris Jericho (I'll explain later)
15. Cody Rhodes.
16. Golddust
17. Jimmy USO
18. Jey USO
19. Kofi
20. Epico
21. Primo
22. Hunico
23. John Cena
24. The best wrestler in the world, Jack Swagger
25. Mark Henry
26. Randy Orton
27. Christian
28. Big Show
29. undertaker
30. Ryback (you want an impact debut. Here's an impact debut!)

I am thinking Chris jericho will leave in the middle of the match, then just as someone (say, christian) thinks he's won the rumble, jericho comes down, eliminates him, and wins the rumble.

Most of these are just situations I hope happen. I doubt Taker will be there, but I'd like him to.
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