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Draft List is Up official Clock Starts Wensday at 11 am Want to give everyone a fair chance to look at the thread

I will be away from the computer for a few hours starting at 1 pm (getting my first Tattoo) So we will take a short break until i get back

Draft ends at 10 pm that day and will begin the next day at 11 am and close at 10pm and so on till the draft is completed

Lets try and get it done before the week end i work 12 hours days and will be difficult to monitor

You will have 1 hour to make your pick

I would strongly suggest to purchase insurance to whom picks the Brees book

Once you are done with your pick please pm next in line

If you are unable to be here for the draft send me your list and i will draft the top available

Just throwing it out there if anyone wants ill pay $5 gift for any card they dont want except for the unity relic i will pay $3 gift
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