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Originally Posted by nacowboys View Post
I have no problem to do that but most people rather there be a draft time limit so it doesnt take weeks to pick some people might not be on for a day and then that holds up the whole draft that is why i wanted to give everyone ample time to look at get a list together if they are unavailable to make their pick
I agree with the time limits 100%. The only thing I would add is if you are next up (#1 pick has been made) and available lets start drafting right away. You'd be surprised how far we get by tomorrow. Also if you are up late or a west coaster make your picks and keep it rolling even after the designated stop time. During your stated draft hours you have the time limit and when its after hours keep drafting but no time limit. The draft will be done even faster thus giving you more time to organize to ship. Just a thought. I am leaving for Florida for work tomorrow morning so I will be sending you a draft list for my two slots if the draft doesn't make it to me by tonight. Good job with the video last night.
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