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First of all, amazing job on the break. I can't believe everything shipped today. You are the man!

Secondly, I will continue to vote with the majority as I'm not an expert on the Bowman product lines.

But...the more I think about it, the teams without major hits should split the non-team hits. It's only fair. Imagine if someone hits a Harper auto while someone else gets nothing. Then the guy with the Harper auto gets the USA auto too.

I assume teams is the only way to break? I'm not an expert. The problem with breaks like 2011 BC (and probably others) if you don't have the Blue Jays/Nats/Rays/Royals/Mariners, well, it will probably be an ugly break for you.

I do think the draft should go backwards for the next break. Should go 30-1 for all fairness. We can continue to do random which isn't unfair, but by going 1-30, 30-1 then re-randomizing, it's more fair to the people who picked last. Let's be honest, it's unlikely the last few picks will get anything good. Even at 22, there was little to nothing left.

Just some thoughts. Either way, excellent job and well worth my time to participate! thanks!!!
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