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----- below is copied from other thread. no clue why I have to even answer this, to be honest. but for you OJ!-----remember the only real topic that matters, is stopping this from happening-----you have turned another thread into garbage, getting way far off topic-----this is probably why you are gone from HK-----p.s. i actually do like you, a lot-----but this shouldn't ever, happen-----glad it doesn't on HK-----for what it is worth, you didn't even give this 1 day to see how it was handled-----

The thread was clearly brought down by a moderator. He felt that it was spiraling out of control, which it was. It was locked so that we could properly analyze it and make sure the proper steps were taken. Due process.

My personal experiences come second to my responsibilities to the site. This is to make sure that nothing is overlooked, and that just because I see something one way, the rest of those involved do not see it another.

I think my feelings are pretty cut and dry, and that I would never in a million years harbor any of vision1818's or modishobbies or whoevers attacks against the hobby. Out of the countless posts I have made against patch fakers, fraud and simple injustices in general, I view it as pretty much an insult that someone who seems to take pleasure in taking it upon himself not to turn a blind eye to such, and probably even takes honor in bringing this to light, tries to burn me merely for an affiliation I have with a site you no longer agree with. What do you really have a problem with?

Really at the end of the day I don't care what you or anyone else does or says. I can only do what I know is right and keep informing people of things they should or may want to know, no matter the medium or the negative responses that come with it.


If you had any integrity you'd retract your posts. Saying that HK harbors this is clearly wrong. It's irresponsible of you to write knowing it isn't true in the first place, and that this thread contradicts it.

At this point, if this thread should prove anything, it should prove that you will do anything to discredit a site from which you've been banned. It means that you will undermine the justice of an entire group of people (the card world in this instance), in fighting someone who has clearly been working his ass off to let people on blowoutcards (mind you, not HK), for no personal gain at all, just because it gives you a free shot at HK. Theres a time to be upset, and theres a time to be a respectable person and tone it down for a minute, forgetting about yourself, and realizing that at this moment, theres a bigger picture. So far all I've seen is that the only picture you care about is yourself, fighting against HK.

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