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Originally Posted by Jhollywood View Post
Nice job on your 1st box. I got hosed on my 3 boxes only pulling 1 Junior.
wow, I hope I didn't open the golden box already!

I bought these for a specific reason. My Dad's 50th birthday is next month and I am going to give him 2 of these.

When I was 7 years old, me and the old man would hit the LCS after baseball practice (he was my coach as well) and we were always buying single packs of 89 UD in search of the storied Griffey rookie.

One night in particular my old man shocked me and bought an entire box of 89 UD wax and I can remember this like it was yesterday. We sat in his '82 Corolla in the driveway of our house (so mom wouldn't see that he had bought an entire box!) and we opened up every pack with each other.... and we didn't hit a single Griffey.

So, with his 50th next month, I saw a thread about a guy who had purchased an 89 box of wax from blowout and it reminded me of the time I shared with my old man. So I quickly hopped over to Blowouts site and snagged the 3 boxes you see above.

And on my Dad's birthday, I plan on telling him to come out to the driveway and get in the car with me... and I will give him the 2 boxes and together we will break them, just like we did over 20 years ago.

So my point, I hope like hell I didn't ruin the moment by hitting the only Griffey's in the box I opened!!! Oh well, even if we don't hit one, I guess it will be fitting since we didn't on that night back in '89. Just making memories with Pop's is worth it.

You guys don't forget that that's what this is really all about anyway. I get caught up trying to make a buck from time to time too with this stuff!
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