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Originally Posted by jp98 View Post
He screwed over several members for $100+. I think $4 wouldn't have killed anybody, sorry my question was out of line. If anybody else would have asked I am sure there would be a different answer.
First, find the 10 guys on this site that would even consider what you posted.

Go ahead and list them, I'll wait...

(Jeopardy music)

Ok, now find any name on that list that would somehow receive a different response from me.


Here is the honest-to-God truth:

$4 or $4M - Integrity does not have a price tag.
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"Do you think Panini is going to respond to this? This is outright fraud. They said the Diamonds were real....they have been proven to be fake. How do they get away with this? Group breakers.............thats how."
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