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Originally Posted by ctpatsfan21 View Post
I agree that it was a very disappointing ppv but I disagree with you saying Sheamus could have got a title shot if he didnt win the rumble. Why would he deserve to take on Bryan for the championship? Jericho has more credibility to challenge Punk without winning the rumble. Also I think they wanted to build up Sheamus with his potential. You never know with Jericho when he is gonna leave and come back.
Sheamus could've won the elimination chamber, something that suits sheamus much better than it suits Jericho. And can we really expect to see Chris jericho do his silent crap for 3 more weeks until the chamber?

Sheamus is so well suited for the Elimination Chamber. I mean, SOOOOOO well suited. I like sheamus getting a push, but I dont like him getting it over Y2J.
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