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Originally Posted by Greengoblin782 View Post
Why does Chris Jericho deserve a push over Sheamus. He just returned from a hiatus. Make no sense to me. Give the push to someone who worked their ass off each and every day of the year than someone who came back weeks ago.
I think from a creative standpoint Chris Jericho should've won the rumble to have time to build his eventual match with Punk. Id also much rather see Sheamus win the Elimination chamber rather than the Royal Rumble. Can Sheamus really keep a feud going for 2 months? I really don't think so, whereas Jericho can. I agree they need to push the younger rasslers, but I think Sheamus is a huge risk. I wouldve preferred someone like wade Barrett or cody rhodes winning if it had to be younger talent. Rhodes is the better mic worker than Sheamus, and I think if Daniel Bryan is to be champ him and Rhodes could put on some amazing matches.
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