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Thanks Grant!!! Everytime a big card or cards come up, of course I don't have the paypal for it, but so far I've had 3 great experiences here with trusting members willing to take me at my word that I would get the money for the cards if they would be held.

Grant, however, was definitely the most annoying, bugging me every day for his money! hahahaha j/k He was completely understanding and saw that I was putting up some CRAZY sale threads, and we kept in touch the whole time, and now D.Rose is on his way to the Bay Area!!!

Thank you again... everything that Grant has said about me, I can 100% say holds true for him as well. Would never hesitate to endorse him for a deal, or hopefully make more trades or deals in the future.

Thanks Jeff for jumping in to my defense even though it wasn't needed!

oh..and MITM... ummm thank you, I think.... hahaha
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