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Originally Posted by Rinkwraith View Post
Thought I'd start a thread early on here that we can speculate and keep tabs on who goes where for the next 3 weeks.

Read an article here in Boston that hinted at Tim Thomas to the Blackhawks for Stalberg. Not sure about that one, but I could see Ryan Miller to the B'Hawks rejoining Campbell.

Predictions? What do you hope your team nets in the coming weeks?
Typical Boston haha overreacting. Why would they trade possibly the best goalie in the NHL?

Detroit doesn't need anything. They won't do this, but Zetterberg is getting old, and hasn't been good this year. Of course that just means he is top 50 in the NHL not top 10 haha. I wouldn't mind trading him for a younger star. Maybe a Jordan Staal, he is a Red Wing type player. It may take Zetterberg+a prospect, but I'd do it. Sounds crazy, but sometimes I talk crazy.
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