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Who gets traded and how many trades there are will depend on which teams consider themselves out of it. Right now, only Columbus is more than 12 points out of a playoff birth. How many deals there are will depend a lot of whether teams like Tampa, Anaheim, Montreal, Carolina, Edmonton and others consider themselves out of it enough to be sellers.

I do think we'll end up seeing a few decent goalies moved, which hasn't happened in a while. Most likely Nabokov and Harding, with one likely going to Tampa and the other perhaps to Chicago. No way does Boston deal Thomas during the season. Vancouver probably should move Schneider, but likely won't unless they get an amazing offer.

I think that either Carter or Nash - but not both - get traded from Columbus.

My guess also is that Anaheim will make a big trade if only to shake things up, since they seem to have imploded.
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