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Sting - 25
Vsky- those look like 36s...I mean 36
Triple - 41
Steiner 20
Winter 16
Dual auto - 11

2) Overall I was dissapointed with the base cards. Not sure if someone in design was a big fan of the Lex Luger "The Narcissist" era or what happened here. Posed collor with a mirrored action shot would have been much more appealing.

Parallels would work much better if they had some game worn photo shoot material from the shot in the cards. Thos ewould have been fun football jerseys then.

An easy concept for them auto wise would be dream matches. Seeing as how I doubt I'll ever see a Hardy/RVD/AJ Styles TLC match, it would be nice to at least have a trio auto of the three. Or Hogan v. Roode, older wrestler v. newer wrestler, etc.
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