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Originally Posted by BAMBAM View Post
I just don't see a lot of big name guys getting moved. Preds have said they are going to keep Weber and Suter now that ownership is willing to open the check book. Can't really see the Sabres trading Miller to anyone in the East, same with the Bruins and Rask. Biggest name that I could see getting moved is Getzlaf or maybe Jeff Carter since it seems he is already on the sh*t list in Columbus because of his attitude.

I know the Flyers will make some type of move but I hope Ed Snider doesn't pressure Homer into another dumb deal that hurts them over the long hall. Everyone will probably ask for Sean Couturier or Matt Read and I wouldn't move either. Snider and his "we'll get a goalie" comment after last year is the reason Holmgren went out a over paid for a head case like Bryz. Snider is quickly becoming the Al Davis of the NHL. His desire to win a championship over takes his common sense.

I didn't think they'd do as well as they have this year because of all the rookies the cap has forced them to start and Pronger being out and I don't see the Flyers winning a Cup this year so I'd make moves for the future.

I'd love to see the Flyers unload a gutless stiff like Matt Carle on somebody for a defensemen with some heart. Shows how tremendous Pronger was when Carle had a career year two seasons ago when paired with him. I'd still try to move JVR if the Leafs are really willing to give up Luke Schenn for him. JVR hasn't shown anything even close to his aggressive breakout in the playoffs last year and probably won't after coming back from the concussion.

Nobody is going to take Bryz off their hands so if they can get a young physical defensemen for Bob I'd move him as well. He can't get enough games to really develop when their paying Bryz so much money so bite the bullet and move him. I'm hoping Bryz eventually settles in to the new team and environment at some point. If not this year then next.

So if van Riemsdyk were not on the shelf, you think the Flyers would have been able to move him for some help on defense? This was being thrown around before he was hurt, and as you stated he has not been productive at all, not so sure there would be much interest.
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