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There was a good segment last night on NHLN about the Ducks trading and I have to agree with them that the Ducks will probably not trade any of the big guns. Maybe some of the older guys like Blake, Visnovsky, Lydman. If they trade Getz, they would have to find another #1 center. I don't think they have one sitting on the farm nor in the lineup so they'd have to trade. I could see Carter fitting in with Perry and B.Ryan. But Carter plays a different type of game. The Ducks seem to have coarse corrected since New Years. They are 10-5 with at least couple games being really close.

One of the funny trades that would be interesting is Hiller for Miller. Something is up with Hiller. He hasn't been the same after that Vertigo thing last year. He's been playing like a backup. Miller probably just needs a change of scenery.
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