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First off, thanks for the contest.

In your last contest, I stated I would like to have more studio shots and that is exactly whet I got with the Reflexxions set. I love the use of the "mirror" on all the base cards. Best looking base cards I have seen in awhile.

I love the fact they put in mat auto cards in to this set. Don't look to be a great verity in autos on those however, but cool none the less.

I dont like the idea of having redemptions in any set of cards, Tristar appears to do a great job in getting the product signed and in a timly manner(i dont think this procuct was delayed, but may be wrong).

The only down side is the cost per box. I know the number of hits is higher than with Topps WWE product, but the odds of getting that BIG hit are slim, I would suggest buying the singles of what you want off this board or other boards or even eBay. You will make out in the long run.
The Three Autos I got in my box are Rosita, Sorrenson and Crimson/Morgan dual. needless to say I will not even get clode to making my money back on those. I did not get a 1/1 or a mat card.

But over all I would give the looks of the product a 8.5 out of 10.
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