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Default 2009 Konami Yugi Duelist Pack

2009 Konami Yugi Duelist Pack

Product Info: Duelist Pack Yugi will bring back memories of past Dueling glory. With all-new art for classic favorites like "Summoned Skull" and "Dark Magician Girl," the Duelist Pack Yugi is sure to be a hit with established and new Duelists everywhere. This 30-card set contains cards used in Duels by Yugi Muto in the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Animated series. Tournament caliber cards like "Mirror Force" and limited release cards like "Marshmallon" will make Duelist Pack Yugi a must have in every Duelist's collection.

Yugi is Back after an almost 4 year absence!

Original monsters, spells and traps that started it all are back!

This Duelist Pack traces Yugi's Deck evolution from the 1st episode to the last.

Includes the powerful "Mirror Force" card which is key to tournament play.

Release Date: 7/15/2009

5 Cards Per Pack

30 Packs Per Box

10 Boxes per Case
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