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Originally Posted by swjedi2000 View Post
It is very hard to make money busting this. Even if you hit a Montana auto...what $125 or so? And thats a big hit. What about the J. Thomas, Y. Figures auto RCs....junk money...$20 - $30 bucks at most. That will be the most of your autos. I will sell unopened. Good luck to those who bust. I hope you get Peterson RC autos, triple patch HOF 1/1 cards galore and prove me wrong.
Exactly. Even with an 18-box master case, you are only getting 18 autos total. There are a lot of worthless rookies this year that Topps will fill this product with, and if last year is any indication, it's likely that 14-15 of those 18 autos will be rookies. And the jersey cards usually don't bring much either. I remember Favre/Marino/Elway triple GUs going for like $40-50 last year.

So if you want to break even, you pretty much have to get a Peterson auto, plus have your triple and/or 1/1 be of some HOFers
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