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I HAVE OPENED 4 18-box cases of triple threads bb 2006, made $3100 (that's when it was $2k a case), opened 2006 football 1 case $2850, made $2451 back and hit one of the BEST triple #/9 manning/harrison/addai triple auto and sold it SB week for $400, only other better triple in set was favre/montana/elway auto, so hmmmm...then opened 3 cases of '07 baseball at $8850 (only got $7284 back)...

so it was great at first price break, but now at current levels, IT IS ONE OF THE MOST FUN BREAKS OF YEAR, AND FOR HIGH END, IT IS MOST CONSISTENT AT COMING CLOSE TO GETTING VALUE PER PACK, but do not expect to make $, best card will be triple autos 1 per master case and it will sell $250-$350 at it will be fun, but don't expect to make $, rather have fun
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