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These are the serial numbers.

Card #92 #6/40
Card #R14 #20/40 "Premium Reflexxions Foil"
Card #M32 #135/199
Card #31 #16/25
Card #61 #29/50
Card #R2-15 #8/25

I need to cross check to see if anyone hit, and if they did make sure nobody else did, and if someone else did, see who entered first. If theres any dispute in regards to the other sites having a winner, Ill be more than happy to provide links to the sites in question but it would have to be via email. I dont want to post them openly or via pm and possibly break spam rules etc.

Unless Im wrong, nobody here got one although one came within 1 number of hitting the triple event used.
And post count does not equal contributions IMO. Posting 1500 pictures of girls with tattoos is not the same to me as being an active collector who has integrity and is pleasant.
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