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Originally Posted by Friarg View Post
I'd hate to keep busting low risk/low reward product all year just to bankroll for TTT. Don't get me wrong, I love TTT, but I think it'd be a bit boring to keep doing prospecting/set building products all year just to save up for a master case in Aug/Sep. I'd like to see us mix in a few bigger hit products along the way like Archives, Museum or Tribute just for a change. If we get to TTT's release and fall short on cash for a master case, then we could do an extra funds break. Maybe a Bowman and an Archives case in May?
I suggest that we Technically skip a month by not breaking anything in April (Tribute is the best Product hands down for the month. However not wise for a club because many will get the short end of the stick...unless the Yankee's owner wants to share, LOL) .... pay due for April or double up in May and break

1 case of Bowman (beginning of the Month)
1 case Archives (end of Month)

I am not feeling Museum. I would rather wait for another weak product release month and break Museum
- Re2pect
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