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Keep throwing the ideas out.

The only problem I have (and this is nothing against Mike) is bankrolling too much money. I was part of a football break where this led to problems.

I personally don't like skipping months, but that will be up to the group.

Right now we have approximately $900 in bankroll. Figure the team auctions essentially pay for shipping and fees (estimate)

$900 rollover (plus whatever the codes sell for) + monthly fees for Mar/April/May (22*45*3)= $2970 (estimate)

So $3870- $850(Heritage/March)= $3020 to be spent for April/May (estimate).

$3020 - $815 (Bowman Jumbo/May) = $2205 for April/rollover

I also have heard from a people with interest in teams that haven't committed yet, so these numbers may grow.

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