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Yeah I will be in Italy from 3/14-3/24

Technically I do not leave until 6pm on 3/14 but there is no way Id have time to bust, sort, package, ship in between 1pm and 3pm when the car picks us up.

Basically our options are [1] break something else, [2] break Heritage at the end of the month or [3] hope that someone like Houdini, Pat, etc would be willing to handle this club for March's break. My only minor issue with #3 is that I don't want to send a gift payment of $850 - $900 to someone so that they can order and ship, just because it may set off a flag from paypal.

Also, I am with gergs on not banking too much $$$. Between this club, the Bowman club, and my own personal stuff that all filters through one paypal account, its already time consuming to make sure I have all rollover balances straight, etc. However .... personally Id be all for opening multiple Bowman cases come May

Then again, I would also like to do some high end product as well, so I guess in the end, I am not very helpful
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