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Originally Posted by thatkidbilly View Post
what would you break for April that's fair to most teams ??
Bowman/BC seems to be the most fair product to all teams. Of any year really. I voted for 2010 BC case for March and there aren't even any Royals autos that I know of. It would have been a cheap case so you could pile up $$$ for 2x Bowman cases in May. Which, again, looks to be a fair product for all involved.

1. Products will be proposed and chosen by members.

* Products can come from previous years.
* High End products will be included when the budget permits.
* Over time breaks need to cover the entire spectrum from prospects products to HOF driven products.
I think when Bowman is released, a club should be getting 2 cases minimum. And a TTT master case towards the end of the year. Everything else should be haggled about in between.
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