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I actually agree with him... Not sure why his option wasn't on the list to be voted on. I want to bust product that has chances for hits (Auto/Relics) for a majority of teams not just a few.

Originally Posted by BigSeph View Post
What's the incentive for someone with the Marlins/Rockies/Nationals to participate in a club that breaks Museum or Archives that has about zero hits for them? Same with Heritage. I could buy team slots in case breaks when Bowman is released and do better than donating money to Yankees fans in this club for Museum Collection.

I think you're missing my point. If the club doesn't do 2 high-ends (or more) during the early season, you can double up on Bowman cases in May and get a master case of TTT towards the end of the year. And both of those products are overwhelmingly fair to everyone.

If you guys want to break Topps Archives all year long that's fine. Just don't expect someone with the Royals/Rockies/Marlins to stick around and pay dues all year when you're busting Heritage and Archives and Museum Collection.

And I would think that the more people you get to pay monthly dues (for "newer" teams), the more likely it is that you can bust a master case of TTT at the end of the year.

Just stating my opinion, not trying to tick anyone off. You can be "old team" oriented and have a small club that can't pay for a master case of TTT, or you can be "old and new team" oriented and fair to everyone and have a larger club that can get a master case of TTT every year.

How many of those "1963" coins from Heritage are going to go to a Rockies or Marlins owner? None.
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