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Originally Posted by mwolfson22 View Post
I actually agree with him... Not sure why his option wasn't on the list to be voted on. I want to bust product that has chances for hits (Auto/Relics) for a majority of teams not just a few.
LOL, you guys are quick to blast a product(2012 Tribute) as not having hits of every team but I just did a spread sheet that shows as it stands now(and the checklist isn't even complete), 28 teams have autograph possibilities and the 2 teams that don't are unclaimed.

We are breaking a case of Jumbo 2012 Bowman in May so I'm not sure why he keeps acting like we aren't breaking it. We will probably do a case of 2012 Bowman Chrome and a case of 2012 Bwman Draft as long as the checklist doesn't suck. Same thing with 2012 Bowman Platinum. So coupled with Finest that is already 5 months of Rookie/Prospect based products. Not sure what this dude is getting so hyped about. I guarantee everyone got a stack of cards from Topps Series 1.

Why should we not bust something in April so we can double up on a product that he wants in May?
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