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Originally Posted by BigSeph View Post
My point was, if you want to be fair to all involved, you can't break but maybe one case of this "old team" oriented stuff per year. What makes you think I want to pay my hard earned cash for you to bust stuff with Yankees all over it, while the checklists have ONE Royal among every insert list- a Hosmer 2nd year auto?

So do I get to say the same thing if we break 2011 Draft with no Yankee autos. Hell, 2012 Bowman may not have anything but a Montero 3rd year auto in it and I'm fine with us breaking a case of it. What makes you think I want to spend my money so you can get Bubba Starling and Eric Hosmer and whatever other high draft pick the Royals get this year when there are no Yankee "hits" in the product. You are so stuck on Bowman products. If you wanted to join a Bowman group you should of joined the Bowman group Mike is running.
I posted this previously. I see us breaking 4 to 5 Bowman products by the end of the year as it stands which is fine. like Bowman products, break a bunch myself. We broke Finest(rookie oriented), and I'm sure 2012 Topps Chrome will get serious consideration. So that's over half the products for the year geared for the "new" teams right there.

OH, and I didn't vote for Heritage in March, I voted for Bowman Chrome.
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