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Originally Posted by gergs1134 View Post
I was hoping people would come to more of a consensus on what we should do. Not everyone is going to be happy every month unfortunately (I know I wasn't thrilled with Topps Series 1, but that's life), however it was stated at the beginning that we would do all ranges of product. Eventually we need to do a high end break (will probably do 2 during the course of the year).

Just for everyones information, a master case of TTT ran us about $3250 last year. Pretty difficult for us to do this and still break something each month. So that can pretty much be thrown out the window.

A lot of people (myself included) are against doing half cases or individual boxes.

So here are our options (2012 Heritage is already set for March and 2012 Bowman is already set for May) there wasn't an official poll for Bowman, but if you go back in the thread, a large number of people indicated they wanted 2012 Bowman for May. I will post a poll if need be, but think we can just do it here if we get enough input:

1) High end master case in April (Tribute or Museum Collection)

2) Continue as is, break Heritage in March, nothing in April and 1 case of 2012 Bowman/ 1 case of 2012 Archives in May (2012 Bowman will be the constant, the other case can be interchangeable). This means high end product in June or July.

3) Do a half case of Tribute/Museum Collection with club funds and those that wish to add funds can do so in April. (This would mean only 2012 Bowman for May)
See the bolded part, I will start a poll if need be, but thought we could do this in the thread. Apparently not.

I will start a poll in the next day or two trying to figure out what we want to do for April/May. Are the 3 choices I came up with okay for the group or should I come up with 5 or 6 more?

I thought I took a combination of the ideas and tried to group them together to make a few easy options to vote on.
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