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Originally Posted by BigSeph View Post
And if we do Heritage one month, Museum another, Archives another, Tribute another, that's 1/3rd of the year that "new" teams don't really have anything to look forward to. Meanwhile, the poor pitiful Yankees had 3 out of 33 autos in Bowman last year, and it must really be hard on people to choose between checklists with 25% of the hits being Yankees or 10% of the hits.

Just drop me from the club altogether, don't really care for the "old dog" tone in some of these posts anyway.

I think the Marlins and Rockies are unclaimed for a different reason than you suspect.
Consider the Royals now available, you are entitled to your opinion, not sure why you are upset though. This is all discussion.

I don't think anyone expects to break both Tribute and museum collection. Heritage was voted on by everyone and the others you mention are just ideas to be voted on.
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