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Originally Posted by gergs1134 View Post

1) High end master case in April (Tribute or Museum Collection)

2) Continue as is, break Heritage in March, nothing in April and 1 case of 2012 Bowman/ 1 case of 2012 Archives in May (2012 Bowman will be the constant, the other case can be interchangeable). This means high end product in June or July.

3) Do a half case of Tribute/Museum Collection with club funds and those that wish to add funds can do so in April. (This would mean only 2012 Bowman for May)
and just to weigh in: I vote #3. Want to break something each month without skipping. prefer to add extra funds if we're short on breaking something big.
Keep up the great work guys, bound to get some sour grapes now and again, but that's maturity/immaturity. Give democracy a chance...
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