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Wow. WTF was that all about?? Of course the Yankees are going to have the most hits in non prospect products. They have 349 hall of famers and other losers ()like Mattingly, etc that people collect.

We broke two things do far - Finest, which btw the Royals crushed, and Topps Series 1. The old teams like the Red Sox didn't get anything in either. Either did other old teams like the Tigers, etc.

We can't break all prospect driven product. We can't break all vet product. Hence the different products and the majority vote. By default not everyone is going to get a hit every break. Quite frankly if you're this whiny after crushing Finest and missing in Topps Series 1 I'm glad you dropped out. Seems like a major #@#@#@#@ing overreaction IMO. Getting mad at Brian bc he has the Yankees is just retarded.

Anyhow on a side note I'm against skipping months. Also against half cases. I'd rather just pay more $$$ for months we want to break something high end like we did last year. I am also for breaking Tribute split amongst those who are interested if the majority decides to forgo it.

Also for selfish reasons I'm all for busting something without 8 million base/parallels
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