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I would suggest putting a wider array of choices for breaks and options for direction in any polls. I realized going into this club that taking the Twins meant a slim chance at hits when it came to several products. I understand BigSeph's frustration about the products being picked, but realize the democratic process of a club. When we do high end, I hope products that cover as many teams as possible will be considered. I was fairly suprised by the choice of Heritage for March. This is a set collectors product and most teams will see a package of base cards arriving after the break. Even mentioning how many teams have a chance at a hit in any given product is a red herring. There are virtually no products that offer an equal chance of hits to every team. But several high end products offer multiple hits for a select group of teams. I'd just like to think that the spirit of a "break club" would be to select products that are as diversified as possible. I think the opinions offered have been well represented in the polls. I think gergs1134 has done an awesome job of taking the opinions offered and putting them into polls. Actually, up till now, very few people in this club have been actively responding or offering opinions to his inqires and there were very few people even watching the last break live. If there are more of you with small market teams that feel frustrated by the choices, I suggest you speak up in this thread. Gergs cannot read minds, nor can the other members.

Having said all of that, I would once agiain like to suggest Museum collection as a high end option for April. I think it has a more diversified checklist for the club. I also do not like the idea of skipping months or breaking half cases. There are several older products that are reasonably priced and represent most teams very well, such as 2008 UD Heroes, 2007/2008 SPX, and Masterpiece. Let's just shake it up and quit thinking we have to break 2011, 2012 products every month. When we need rollover for an upcoming high end product, we can break low end older stuff and have just as much fun IMO.

As far as options recently presented, I would vote for option 1, a high end case in April, but add that 2012 Bowman should be broken in May. Thanks for letting me ramble,

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