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Originally Posted by BigSeph View Post
Why am I being talked about after I dropped out?

Fill the slot, move on, act like an adult.

Don't call somebody "whiny" because they don't piss away $50/month watching grown men open baseball cards that don't benefit them.

I'm always amused when people who post on BO talk about people being "immature" or "whiners." You collect baseball cards.

I thought it would be interesting to join, we're talking about busting Finest/Topps/Heritage/Tribute in months 1-4. I think the Royals might have one auto in 3 of those 4 products, and very few hits overall. Should I pay $200 when 1/4 of the products is worth a sh!t to me? And btw I voted for 2010 BC the past 2 months, and there isn't even a Royals auto in there.

But there are SOME Royals RCs, and I viewed that as fair.

So stop talking about people once they're out of your little "club" on an internet message board. What's the point? Grow up and move on.
Don't feed the trolls. I keep telling myself don't feed the trolls.

On a side note the poll will go up tomorrow some time, PM will be sent to all. Please throw out any additional ideas you have.
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