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Originally Posted by WillC View Post
Awesome posts guys. Keep them coming. This thread is so great.

I want to see some rare autos of old-school HOFers, e.g. cut autos, in person on-card PSA certified autos, etc.
Not sure if you or any of the guys missed this collection I shared on page nine, but here it is again...

Autographs - Personal Collection

Any chance any of you know the person who owns this collection? Would really loooove to talk with this person

Guys, thank you so much for sharing your amazing cards. Thanks for the links of your collections and photos... GREAT GREAT stuff

I saw that same Jabbar Exquisite Patch Auto/33 on ebay and the guy want s TON! Wouldn't mind adding a Jabbar like that to my collection.

All great cards and I really enjoyed seeing them all. I never knew there was this many sleepers out there with HOF collections
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