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Originally Posted by hockeycards View Post
Has anyone else had any luck getting thedivahalley to stop sending the same offer over and over? Does she eventually give up? I just marked $40 BV cards up to $400 to try to get the message across. It shouldn't be this difficult.
eventually she will decline your counters. I counter her with more than my asking or back to the original. I tried to make an offer on one of her cards, now in good faith actually, she countered, I recountered w/the same offer, and then she countered that at more than her previous offer.

Honestly she isn't the first to be like this but her antics are just annoying...take a look at the comc blog, not the newest one, but the previous one.

I hope this is the last I have to think of her or type of her, I blocked her on facebook and reported her posts, she called me a woman beater and some other things on there all because I wrote "spam much" to one of her spam postings.
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