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Well this is my friend and mine thinking ..

6 cases cost me $4258

the 6 case case topper is going for anywhere from $600 to $1200 depending on which one you get.

the 3 cases case topper is going for about $80.

it looks like currently out of a case of star trek, on average, you are getting
8 autographs and 16 costumes cards.

Costume cards are roughly $15 to $25 each on Ebay.
Autos - Chris Pine - $300-400
JJ Abrams - $160-180
Spock variation - $250 +
two writers - $80 each
rest of the crew - 40-80
Looks like on average in autos per case you get

1 pine abrams or the writers
3-5 of the limited autos - which is the crew of the Bridge and Bana
2-3 of the common autos

roughly 4 mini master sets per case - $45 a set

and a chance at an archive box. Archive boxes are going for $1300.

We just didnt see how we can lose out especially with the case toppers.
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