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Originally Posted by bprice View Post
The non-Presidents auto checklist is complete and is now posted.

The Presidents auto checklist has been completed will be posted tomorrow as we had review each and every cut to ensure that the checklist is final.

Don't like to produce a checklist that is "subject to change".

If we can get our webmaster to post it tonight. I will.

I would hope that historical collectors will know the First Ladies, Vice-Presidents, White House Guests and many of the Cabinet members from the non-Presidents cut checklist.

Brian Price

Thanks for the reply... Even though you get $hit from some members.. It is very cool you come on and reply....

I Don't see Topps UD or Panini going to any fourm and updating people..

last 2 questions

Is release date still Thursday?
Is GW the only president not on the president checklist.... I have already ordered the product but i am just curious

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