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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
Not sure why, but this made me laugh.
I'll prove it to you all! I have the most money to spend on cards! I also have a large male organ and the fastest car and the hottest wife and the best degree and the nicest house and the nicest collection of baseball cards and all of my friends that also collect cards think I'm the coolest guy they know and my office is the nicest and I know the most important people in the industry and I go on the nicest vacations and I'm the best looking and my kids are the cutest and I have the best trained dog and the most friends on Facebook AND Blowout and my group breaks are the best and I have my carpet cleaned twice a month and I supersize all of my extra value meals even if I don't want the fries and I have a premier Ebay store and a top-rated seller badge and I bench 360 lbs! And I'm totally not a douchebag.
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