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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
Sure thing.

First you say:

Which made me laugh because I was pretty certain you didn't need clarification before deciding what to buy.

My opinion was then confirmed when you said this:

Meaning "clarification" wasn't what you were needing since clarification was given, yet you still haven't decided.

The laughter came when I realized someone else was thinking the exact same thing I was.

No biggie. Just comical. That's all.
This makes no sense at all. None.

Your "laugh" comment came before the post that you claim proved your "point" or whatever. I know exactly why you were "laughing." And I don't think Kyle and you were "laughing" at the same thing; I think his question was genuine.

Seriously, this passive-aggressive thing needs to stop. You can't post a comment like that and then, once called on it, try to rationalize it as "no big deal, I was just saying yadda yadda yadda, that's all. No biggie "

I don't know which one I want to buy. My initial confusion came when Dr. Price said "We are finalizing the President checklist and we'll have it ready tomorrow." I was under the impression that the checklist was already finalized and his comment made me think that maybe certain Presidents (other than Washington, which we already knew) wouldn't have an autograph. I asked a clarifying question because I needed additional clarification. His response provided that. It still didn't cause me to settle on a choice, it just added a check mark in the ITG column in my scorecard.

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