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Originally Posted by mimi mo money View Post
Is there a day that goes by without a frivolous complaint? Not attacking the OP, but in general, everyday on BO someone is complaining about Topps, Panini, Ebay, Paypal, BO members, etc... Sheeeessssh.... people in this hobby are too sensitive...grow a pair.

And I don't see anything wrong with this type of bidding... at all. Personally, I don't like placing an initial large bid because of shillers so sometimes I incrementally bid until I reach my spending limit. If I lose, so be it...
Now you are complaining about complaining...

I sometimes bid like that, but after 3-4 bids, it's time to increase your max a little, lol.
I only ship to confirmed US addresses. Sorry to all out of US collectors.
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Going to start adding those who don't have the decency to respond to my ignore list
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