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Originally Posted by mofojoe View Post
This is not a hit draft, it is a hit break. Participant list will be randomized, box order will be randomized as well, so box 1 and 2 may be Preferred, box 3 best of bball. Whomever is randomized to the top of the list, gets the first card pulled from the first box, and so on.

Just want to clarify how this works.

Say the random on the box is done.. and the random falls like this (based on a 5 box)

1. Pref
2. Pref
3. BoB
4. Pref
5. BoB

Does that mean who ever is randomed.

1-4 gets hits out of pack 1 of Pref
5-8 gets hits out of pack 2 of Pref
9-10 gets hits out of box 1 of BoB
11-14 gets hits out of box 3 of Pref
15-16 gets hits out of box 2 of BoB

and so on????

Also in the BoB box, what comes out first ontop? the Graded slabbed card or the ungraded card?
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