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Originally Posted by matpat21 View Post
This guy just wins two of my auctions a couple of hours ago and then proceeds to send me this message after I invoice him with free shipping on the 2nd item.

"Im sorry but I have been getting burned on ebay and will not beable to complete purchases (2). I want to let you know so you can relist cards. Very sorry for the inconvience. I will no longer be purchasing cards.

- shawnvikings82"

Not quite sure what could have happened so badly in the hour or so from when the auction ended to when he sent me the message.
This clown just made a few offers on one of my BIN/BO items, then retracted the only one that wasn't auto-declined. From the message above about 'no longer be purchasing cards', it's clear this guy is full of sh-t.

Save yourself the hassle and block him.
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