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Originally Posted by kajshack View Post
Great to see that everything that was promised will be delivered AND the actual production run is less than expected. Looking forward to a great group break on Monday. Thanks for the info Brian.
You mean everything except the sell sheet's statement of capping this product at 275 boxes and checklist quantities being announced in January of 2012.

It states right on the sell sheet that "production quantity may well be shorter" than the 275 boxes, so I don't think "260s" is "less than expected".

Should I even mention that the release date got pushed back?

Lastly, why make a big deal about "ALL CARDS ON CHECKLIST MADE"? Isn't that what's supposed to be done? Leaf isn't the only company that does this.

I just want manufacturers to keep their word. How hard is it?

Take your time. Do what's right. Do what you promise. People are paying attention.
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