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260<275. Neat little fact that I learned in my MBA program. So less was made than was expected.

And given the bait and switches Topps has pulled over the past couple of years with the pre-release checklist and the actual checklist not being even remotely close, it was nice that Leaf didn't pull a switcheroo. Yes, that's what manufacturers are supposed to do. No, they don't always do it. I'm glad Leaf will deliver what they advertised. I'm glad FF did too.

It's getting to the point where I don't even want to post about these products anymore because you somehow think every comment I make, no matter how innocent or critical or innocuous it is, is taken by you as an attack or an argument. Why? Because I decided to do a group break of Oval Office instead of 1600? Get over it, man.

Not every post I make is about you or directed to you. Relax.

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