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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
While we're talking "facts", did you also learn in your MBA program the neat little fact that "260s" > 260. In fact, "260s" might be = 269. And if the sell sheet says, "the production run may well be shorter than" 275, I don't see 269 being unexpected. I don't even see 260s being unexpected. The sell sheet was leading us to believe that the production run may very well be less than 275, so I'd say 260s is more expected than 275. Again, according to the sell sheet.
Is this what you're like in real life too? Sheesh...

We can argue semantics all you want. The sell sheet says production will be capped at 275. Most people took that as meaning 275 boxes were being made. You even did, and you were quick to jump and shout foul when it looked like 276 boxes were made. Less than 275 were made. It means that instead of having a 1:275 chance of pulling a George Washington/Abe Lincoln dual, you now have somewhere from a 1:260-269 shot of pulling it. That's better odds. That's a good thing.

I don't need a reply, by the way. I wasn't talking to you in the first place.
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