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Originally Posted by kajshack View Post
Is this what you're like in real life too? Sheesh...

We can argue semantics all you want. The sell sheet says production will be capped at 275. Most people took that as meaning 275 boxes were being made. You even did, and you were quick to jump and shout foul when it looked like 276 boxes were made

I don't need a reply, by the way. I wasn't talking to you in the first place.
When I read this:

Originally Posted by bmp8878 View Post
I just got this info from Brian Gray.

psa/dna and/or jsa

276 packs made.
I asked a simple question. I never "cried foul" until you started rambling about "delivering what was promised". I didn't think 275 boxes would be made according to the sell sheet. I can read, and my interpretation skills aren't necessarily lacking.

May I ask, how would you interpret the quoted and bolded statement above that reads, "...from Brian Gray...276 packs made"?

I interpret that as someone saying Brian Gray told them 276 packs were made. If that wasn't the case, then someone came in here and gave us information that was not correct.

What worries me about products like this when they come from manufacturers that don't appear to be keeping their word, are all the cards on the checklist truly in it? I'm just stating how I feel, and it goes beyond just this product and this company.

Brian has a wonderful shot at turning over a new leaf, (only little pun intended), with this new Leaf name. Time will tell just how successful he can be. I hope he becomes vastly successful while doing so with the utmost honor and integrity. This hobby would benefit from manufacturers like this.
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