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Originally Posted by coclarkson View Post
oval office looks much much better. the design and artwork from the famous fabrics product looks cartoonish and the generic holder makes the card look amatuer. i like that the oval office cuts are slabbed in a professional looking bgs holder, they used an actual photo of the president, and the overall design is a alot more visually appealing
You're obviously attracted to shiny things.

And call me crazy (I'm sure you will), but the holder is pretty much the same thing. It's clear plastic, one has a gold label the other silver. The only difference is Leaf has a Beckett logo that means...... that Beckett slabbed it. I personally love Beckett publications. Their price guide is always on target.

A good amount of 1600 does use photographs of the Presidents.

And to bring up your post on another thread...

Originally Posted by coclarkson View Post
the artwork looks cartoonish. did bprice hire one of those cartoon portrait artists who hang around the jersey boardwalk to do these? oval office looks so much better

That's a perfect comparison. Your opinion is duly noted, now if you'll excuse me I have to get back to the boardwalk.
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