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Originally Posted by bprice View Post
Collectors, there is a reason that Baskin and Robbins have so many different flavors of ice cream.

Everyone likes something different.

I respect the work of Brian Gray and Leaf but I also feel that Famous Fabrics brings something different to the market with our products.

Collectors have the final decision about what they like and don't like when the make their purchases.

Liking one product does not mean that you have to bash another. In my product, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I chose to create some original artwork for use on many of the cards, that does not make it better or worse, just makes it different.

Thank you to those who support my product and to those who support the Leaf product, you are all part of our hobby. Enjoy it.

Brian Price
The cards look fantastic Dr Price. I especially like the Thomas Jefferson and Jacqueline Kennedy cuts I pulled The hair was literally standing up on my arms.

I apologize if my comment sounded like I was bashing the Oval Office. It was only meant as an opinion. I prefer the Historic look of the Penn Ave cards.

I should hold my opinion until I am able to see more of this years Oval Office.
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