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Originally Posted by kyle1707 View Post

There it is no contest...

Oval office has Washington...

But for the other 250 packs it is the same product..

Famous fabrics has 5 more hits...

I would pick famous fabrics over oval office every time..

those extra 5 hits will probably add 200 dollars right off the bat if not more in a lot of cases...
Having seen a few breaks now, I would tend to agree that Famous Fabrics is generally a better break because of the extra hits. and I'm not saying this solely because I didn't get a top auto in my Oval Office break.

I would still contend that the very top end of Oval (there is at least 3 Lincoln duals including 1 of the 2 George Washingtons, Hitler, Mandela) there are a few unique cards that 1600 did not make. This is not a bag on 1600, just stating that there is a case to 'gamble' for Oval Office , albeit the risk-reward from a resale perspective may not be worth it to most.

To address previous points, I still like the actual photos in Oval Office (no offense to the artists in 1600), but that is a personal preference. The 1600s are very nice and I applaud Brian Price and crew for a great product.
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